Charity/Cause: Ashland Fire Department


The  Ashland Fire Department is responsible for safeguarding the lives and property of the people of Ashland. Ashland Fire provides both fire protection and advanced emergency medical service to the town of Ashland. Ashland Fire is comprised of one Chief, one Captain, four Lieutenants, twelve Firefighters, and four dispatchers. 


Need: AFD requested funding to support their need for better equipment to help maintain the overall health and well being of our dedicated fire fighters.


Solution: Purchase 2 treadmills for use at the fire station.


Result: AFD can continue to maintain their high level of service by staying fit and healthy in order to best serve our community.


Times Gazette Article





Charity/Cause: Ashland High School


Ashland High School is a four-year comprehensive senior high school offering enrollment in grades nine through twelve.  AHS is a school that is rich in tradition and centered in high student achievement, a safe and secure environment, and efficient and effective operations.  As a result of embracing a shared vision for academic and interscholastic success, Ashland High School met 100 % of its indicators and has achieved the rating of “A” as determined by the State of Ohio Building Report Card. AHS has also had multiple state level competitors in the academic and athletic realms of competition.


Need: The Ashland High School needed funding for a new secured entryway into the high school in order to better monitor and track visitors and students entering the building during school hours.


Solution: Construct a new secured entryway to serve as the school’s main entrance.


Result: Ashland High School has a new entryway that provides a secure environment for the students and staff.  This new entryway also creates a more updated look for the high school that match recent additions completed on other parts of the school.




Charity/Cause: Cat and Dog Overpopulation in Ashland County




The Norma June Foundation has partnered with Quick Fix Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Clinic in Medina to offer a discount voucher to Ashland County Residents who bring a cat or dog in to be spayed or neutered.  Quick Fix is also offering a low-cost wellness option for residents that would like discounts on vaccinations, flea and worm treatments, nail trimmings, heartworm and microchipping.


Need: Ashland County residents were seeking a low cost option to help control cat populations either in their own home or in the community with feral cats.


Solution: Offer a discount voucher for $20 off spay/neuter services.


Result: Over 1,000 Ashland County cats and dogs have been spayed or neutered using this program since 2015. This provides more control over the population to reduce the cost and burden, in the homes, shelters, and animal welfare agencies of Ashland County.